Matt Winson Woodfalls LP

Woodfalls (CD, 2017)


Woodfalls (2017)
01 Prologue
02 The River
03 Hold On
04 Why?
05 Sleepless Nights
06 Durango
07 Woodfalls
08 Into Pieces
09 History
10 Citadel
11 Your Irrationality Is My Best Defense


Product Description

Woodfalls is Matt Winson’s debut album. It is both a melancholic and joyful album that describes personal and societal events. The songs are characterized by vocal harmonies and a wide range of instruments.

It was recorded in the renowned Wisseloord Studios, collaborating with producer Frederic Gervais and Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Balazs Robert. The album will be released by V2 Records Benelux on February 10th, 2017.


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